Margaret Fabrizio
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First known as a pianist, then as a harpsichordist, Margaret Fabrizio began her study of piano 6 weeks before her third birthday, appearing in her first recital at the age of four. Later she studied piano with Bernhard Abramowitsch in Berkeley, and harpsichord with Putnam Aldrich at Stanford University.

As a harpsichordist she concertized throughout America and Europe with such musicians as David Oistrakh, Teresa Berganza, the San Francisco Symphony, Carmel Bach Festival, P.D.Q. Bach, and the Grateful Dead.

She is the first harpsichordist to perform Bach’s Art of Fugue in America, this marking her Town Hall debut.

She was on the faculty at Stanford University for 25 years as Sr. Lecturer, specializing in harpsichord, fortepiano, thorough-bass, and giving workshops on the performance of Bach for Pianists. She currently teaches piano and harpsichord in Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Active in the world of multi-media presentations, she has presented performances of her multi-image projections in combination with harpsichord performance in such cities as Cologne, Frankfurt, Paris, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Ice Palace and Staedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In 1996 she played a solo concert in Bombay featuring the works of J.S. Bach and G. Faure.

Her compositions for solo harpsichord known as Holograms have been performed in America and abroad as part of American Contemporary Music for Harpsichord.

Local performance/exhibits have been held at the Museum of Modern Art, the Opera House, the de Young Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Legion of Honor.

Since 1980 she has been increasingly active in the visual arts. Her art books, collages, paintings, photographs and masks have been exhibited in San Francisco at the Academy of Art, the Art Institute, Shreves, Stanford University, and Focus Gallery. In 1999 she gave a one woman show of her Indian paintings at the Presidio, accompanied with Hindu ritual and entertainment.

In 1986 she wrote, directed, and performed in a performance piece on the Golden Gate Bridge with Allan Kaprow as guest actor.

In 1973 she performed on top of Twin Peaks on the synthesizer in a city-wide light and sound piece by Paul Crowley and Robert Moran, scored for telecast and viewer/listener participation by the entire city.

She is also well-known as a collage artist, many of her works are in private collections. Her Portrait Masks have been exhibited at the Academy of Art gallery on Sutter St., and in Edinburgh, Scotland. One of her masks made of eyes appeared on an album cover of The Grateful Dead.

She studied quilt making with Grace Earl, designer at the Chicago Art Institute, and her prize-winning quilts have been exhibited in Northern California and at New Pieces Gallery in Berkeley, where she also played a forte-piano concert.

For the past 18 years she has been creating and building a forest environment of sculpture and landscape at her Cazadero Conservancy of Nature and Art, a remote 40 acre piece of land in Sonoma County where works of art are installed and/or created in a non-invasive manner.

In the last 10 years she has spent 2 months annually in Asia, creating her art books and painting.

She has been making film/digital video, for the past five years. Her recent film Myanmar Continuum has been rejected by the NAATA. She is currently working on a new film, and writing a book on her eight trips to India.

Bach / Faure piano recital
Max Mueller Institute - Bombay, India
Forte-piano concert, Field, Clementi, Haydn
Annie’s Hall - Berkeley
Hologrammatic Bach Fabrizio - J. S. Bach
Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Scotland

Spin by Robert Moran
Theatre Aum Main - Frankfurt

Hologram #3 by Margaret Fabrizio
Staedelijk Museum - Amsterdam

African Queen Meets The Holy Ghost (Ascenion Hologram)
with Joseph Campbell and members of the Grateful Dead
Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco
Organ concert, Fisk organ
Stanford University - Palo Alto
Dual Gallant by Margaret Fabrizio
performed on Golden Gate Bridge with Allan Kaprow
Holograms Fabrizio
KPFA, 1750 Arch Street - Berkeley
Preludes and Fugues J.S. Bach
Morrison Planetarium - San Francisco
Strassenburgh Planetarium - Rochester N.Y.
Adler Planetarium - Chicago
Carmel Bach Festival - harpsichord soloist
Well Tempered Clavier J. S. Bach - harpsichord (complete – in 3 consecutive nights)
Stanford University - Palo Alto
Palace of the Legion of Honor - San Francisco
Forty-nine Autos by Robert Moran and Paul Crowley
Moog Synthesizer atop Twin Peaks while autos played horns and lights , houses and office buildings. throughout the ciy blinking lights, following a score being broadcast of radio station KPFA.
Clementi first west coast Forte-piano concert, piano by Muzio Clemente
Palace of the Legion of Honor - San Francisco
First American harpsichord performance of Art of Fugue J. S. Bach
Town Hall - New York
Stanford University - Palo Alto
Palace of the Legion of Honor - San Francisco

Hologrammatic Bach
Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Scotland
for video and harpsichord Western Front - Vancouver, BC
Hands Across the Sea
for harpsichord and multi image projections
Ascension Hologram
for performance with the Grateful Dead and Joseph Campbell
Hologram #9 Digital Domain
on Elektra label CD
Ten Holograms
recorded at CCRMA Stanford University - Palo Alto

1750 Arch Street - Berkeley

The Big Room
solo harpsichord presented at the San Francisco Art Institute

Film Maker

Joe the Quilter 19 min. about Joe Cunningham
Sri Lanka Drumming 7:30 Temple drums in Sri Lanka
Restoration 7:30 min. Pagoda restoration in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
Meenakshi Dogme 9:40 Forbidden footage
The Second Coming 6:30 Fantasy at Cazadero Nature and Art Conservancy
The Train to AtroCity 10:20 Train journey to Hell
Water 5:54 Water – image to ritual.

Founder of Flight of Fancy Film Festival monthly meeting of film makers to critique recent works
Dream Collapse Images of 9/11
The Garden in Cajarc installation created by Fabrizio on the banks of the Lot River.
The Lot Valley visit with Frances Butler, mosaicist
Rice for 3,000 temple cooking in Udupi, India
Temple Cooking for 3,000
Aerial Life Madurai

Myanmar Continuum 38 min. film of life in Burma.
Shown in San Rafael to Hortisexual Society 2004
Shown in Melbourne Australia 2004
Entered in Asian American Film Festival 2003

Began working in film (video). Worked with Brook Hinton

Productions of Innermedia
presented at Stanford University - Palo Alto, San Francisco Art Institute, Staedlick Museum - Amsterdam, Ice Palace - Amsterdam

Began multi-image using multiple projectors.
Showings at ‘Multi-Image Showcase’











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